Guilty! (Well, Probably)

Alleged is a beautiful word and an ugly word. When it is ugly, alleged seems to play unfair, cheating the just of justice. (Alleged is the word of judges that at times seems to show no fervor for justice.)

Alleged amplifies the frustration of the guy who “knows” it was the problem neighbor who cut down the tree, yet has no case without a witness or the wrongdoer’s calling card: evidence.

Thus is alleged an ugly word in its every application to a president Congress “knows” is guilty of obstruction of justice, guilty of public corruption, and guilty of other abuses of power — yet dithers to impeach.

The difference between Trump and that problem neighbor is that there’s no alleged about Trump’s guilt: It manifests in open view.

So what’s up with the spineless Democrats who refuse to get off the pot and impeach the criminal in the White House?

Ugliest of all is that these Democratic holdouts seem as worried as their Republican nemeses of offending the bum.