Does God Like Everybody?

The God Old Party (also known as the Grand Old Party or GOP) has just waxed its angel wings again. Last Thursday, during the first Republican debate of the 2016 presidential campaign, the 10 candidate participants invoked the name of God 19 times as they verbally crucified President Barack Obama. At the same time, the GOPers made it eminently clear that God “blesses” them.

After witnessing these mere Christians inflict such a holier-than-thou pummeling of Mr. Obama (not the first time), one wonders if, in God, the feeling is mutual: Is He an angry God who likewise disparages Mr. Obama? Or is He a kind God who likes the president along with His other children? Hmm, let’s see.

Consider: During Mr. Obama’s nearly eight years as president of the United States, he has worked continually for the wellbeing of others via an inclusionary style that recognizes — and respects — the lawful rights and earthly potential of every human being. And he has sensibly focused this vision in the here and now, giving, as all presidents should, far more attention to the quality of life on earth than in heaven. If it may be presumed that God sits at the center of everyone (including the president), it may subsequently be construed that the difference between Mr. Obama and so many of today’s Republican ‘leaders’ is that the president correctly realizes that God need not be consulted for advice in nearly every discussion about what’s righteous and lawful in the world.

In one of the Republican debates, moderators at the Fox News Channel asked every GOP presidential candidate if he’d lately received “any word from God.” A stupendously odd question to ask public officials in public, but not surprising. Throughout Mr. Obama’s presidency, GOP zealots have vilified him as “demonic,” “Satanic,” and the “anti-Christ”; many have insisted that he is a practicing Muslim (clearly he is not; however, if he were, good for him); and lately, Tea Party members have been wielding signs that read “We Need A Christian President.” (Note: In Article VI, paragraph 3 of the U.S. Constitution it is written, “No religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Our forefathers were not only wise; they were also fair.) It’s not that religion should be felt and not heard. The problem with today’s GOPers is that they don’t seem to abide that old common-sense dictum, “There’s a time and place”; nor do they seem compelled to support the laws that prudently separate church from state.

It’s a flippant mind that panders to God in the public square as if He’s a partisan, for such a mind avails itself to self-righteousness and ignorance. Consider, again, today’s GOP. As it preaches individual rights and strength of Union, it largely ignores the poor, the gun problem, gay entitlement, the right of women to equivalent pay in the workplace (etc.), and denies existence of the greatest ‘sin’ of our time: manmade Climate Change.

God is either laughing (out of incredulity) or crying (in pity of the hypocrites).