The Big Dump: Life After Trump

Thank goodness for last week’s gift of Donald Trump’s 2005 foot-in-midsection misogyny video, which has effectively demolished his bid for the presidency. Soon our nation will have its first woman president. Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland will finally have his day in court. Adult-acting adults will thrive again. And all moral, balanced people (adults and children alike) who’ve had to endure Lewd Lout Trump will breathe easy: eyes wide open again, ears unclogged of incessant incivilities.

One wonders, after voters have thoroughly dismissed him on November 8, whether Trump will go quietly into the night. Easier to predict is how this oaf will be remembered. The obvious answer: not favorably.

Because Trump will be remembered not just as a blowhard, but also as a principal cause and symbol of the GOP’s collapse, a new word should enter the lexicon: “trumpish” — an adjective describing those who are devoid of decency, empathy, humility, and other basic moral traits.

For starters, trumpish may be used to aptly describe Speaker Paul Ryan, Senators Ted Cruz and Mitch O’Connell, and every other GOP congressional egotist of the early 21st century who tried — unsuccessfully — to hijack women’s rights, stiff the poor and the middle class, censure LGBTs, refute Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, shut down the government, rape national parks of their natural resources, deny that humans have caused climate change, etc., etc., etc.

As trumpish Trump and his trumpish political cronies prove time and again, nothing good comes from being trumpish; that is, except throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, when Trump and the GOPers continuously trumped each other’s disgrace.