The Age of Snobs

Once again in early 21st century America — land of the 1% vs. the 99% — a fat-cat snob has won, and the big-hearted commoners who naively persist in filling his purse have lost. This time, the nauseating moneybags is Enos Stanley Kroenke, owner of the St. Louis Rams football team he yanked last night from our city.

Before pulling the plug, Kroenke trashed St. Louis in an 11th-hour report to the NFL in which he characterized our city as too weak, economically, to continue to support a professional football team. Note to Kroenke: Your contention misses the mark. Rather than the city, it is many of your Rams employees who are economically weak, because they lost their jobs today; and come next football season, the St. Louis business owners who thrived on the patronage of your Rams fans will suffer, too, economically.

So much for Best Business Practices, Enos. So much for Community.

Ah, Enos Stanley Kroenke. How telling that this snob bears the names of two Hall of Fame baseball players from the St. Louis Cardinals, Enos Slaughter and Stan Musial.

Of course, Enos and Stan we love.

Enos Stanley Kroenke we loathe....