Selected Works

Contained here are samples of my writing: currently short stories and essays. I update this page as new works become available, so please feel free to visit often.


The Salvation Of John Ambert

A twenty-first century morality tale.

The Mourning Cloak

A portrayal of the melancholy of divorce within the framework of a unique circumstance.

The Good Heart of Beatrice Cravet

Bea Cravet decides that having children is not for her; that is, until this choice is complicated by an alternative.


The Odd Differences Over Climate Change

As manmade Climate Change is devastating the planet, its evidence is separating the rational from the irrational, just as the sun the blue sky from the clouds.


“If you would be loved, be lovable.” — Ovid

Me, Myself, and My Brother

Do twins always have the last laugh? Not likely.

Illustration of a quill pen and jar of ink