The Morning After

Surely a bully liar misogynist xenophobe like Donald J. Trump could never win the U.S. presidency, the most respected job on the planet. (I was so sure he couldn’t that I wrote his “obituary” before the vote count had even begun; see OBIT 11/8/2016.) But Trump did win. More than 61 million adults voted for this childish brat to preside over our fair nation for the next four years.

I was shocked, of course, along with tens of millions of other adults who’d learned well enough in their formative years about right and wrong to understand that voting a prejudiced potty-mouthed narcissist to the highest office in the free world would have been to set a canker on their own character.

Donald Trump has a little more than two months to prepare for the presidency. Meanwhile, his victory has already put reason, logic, and fair play on notice. We of the precious adult qualities that hail adultness fell last night into a rabbit hole and woke up this morning in Trumptyland.

To his wayward worshippers, Trump may prove a worthy president.

But he is not my president.