OBIT 11/8/2016

Donald Trump was a log on a bump
(or to say it dif, a bumptious old grump).
Never knew a girl he wouldn't hump
or a reasonable man he could ever stump —
so down fell Trumpty, thump, thump, thump:
consigned by History to the Incorrigible's Dump.

History’s Footnote:
The sorry state of “the blind leading the blind” must rank as one of humankind’s most pathetic/idiotic predicaments, for it is a self-destructive predicament that leads to no positive outcome, only certain loss for the demented leader and the loony followers. (If the hundreds of thousands among Hitler’s pathetic/stupid supporters who ended up getting obliterated by Allied bombs could speak to the living, they’d say, “Yes! Yes! It is true: I was a pathetic idiot!”) Mob mentality — which believes, as the great Hannah Arendt wrote, “truth was whatever respectable society had hypocritically passed over” — encapsulates the pathetic stupidity of Donald Trump and his rage-driven supporters, and their certain loss in today’s presidential election.