Puerile Politicians

In recent comments about the zillions of ad dollars political candidates are spending this midterm election season, an astute big-time ad exec noted: “Having alternatives to spending a lot of money is a relatively new concept.” Thinking she meant that politicians are finally spending less on their overindulgent campaigns (thereby also discovering some measure of statesmanship), I rejoiced. That is, until I read on. She qualified her remark, explaining that, in view of increasing media venues, political-ad expenditures continue to soar as political candidates realize they’re more able to “target” citizens they (the candidates) rely on for votes. What a concept.

I have a better one.

Note to politicians: Next campaign season (and the one after that, and so on), before you spend a penny to lure our votes, tell your ad agency folks to write commercials that affirm you and your vision rather than rake your opponent over the coals. In other words, for a change, enlighten us. If you want our vote (next time), rather than deflect your message with the usual smut, once and for all address us positively and informatively; in a phrase, with words worthy of a fully developed adult. That way, in addition to being able to determine whether you're a decent, intelligent servant or just another crass, bumbling oaf, we voters will have a better chance understanding your stance on key issues (a posture you owe us).


Note to my fellow voters: Research reveals us to be little better than gullible gluttons who persistently fall for off-putting political messages. I hold out hope that we common Americans — we who wield the power of election — are actually smarter than this; indeed, smart enough to unite in letting the puerile politicians, and their media grunts, know how utterly disgusted we are by blowhard politics, and that we won’t take it anymore.

A good start is to write your elected officials. Do this often, and in droves....