What's Wrong With 2019 America

Many excuse president Trump and his followers on the notion that “we’re all entitled to our opinions, and so are they.” Dead wrong. Most of Trump’s, and his administration’s, “opinions” (ethical, moral, and policy viewpoints) are — plain and simple — wrong. Wrongheaded. And wrong for America.

In assessing White House [soon-to-be-ex] press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s performance, for example, some Americans excuse its encumbered biases — its partisan pandering to the reactionary policies of her boss, the president, and their party, the GOP — as the entitlement of a disparate viewpoint.

One New York Times letter-writer even noted recently, “[Against those with whom you disagree], you could start a shouting match, grace them with a withering stink eye, or you could just be nice to them.”

Without argument, the egalitarian sentiment in this writer’s apparent proposal, “just be nice,” works well in most of life’s daily social proceedings.

But it doesn’t work well in Trump America — and shouldn’t.

In every respect, in every analysis, Trump’s (and Sanders’s, et al.) notion of what’s good for America — climate destruction, big-business pandering, health-care apathy, ally alienation, corruption, lies, condescension, etc. — is Not good for America. It’s only good for them.

To excuse the likes of Sarah Sanders (and Trump) is not about excusing differences in viewpoint. Rather, it’s about excusing self-righteousness, prejudice, indecency, narcissism, cheating, belligerence, corruption,...

This simple, basic truth encapsulates what is dead wrong about the Trump presidency.